12 weeks Alpha Attraction Program

Explore the intricacies of each phase in-depth with Alpha Attraction, your ultimate dating coach.

45 Woodside Ave, Northcote, North Shore City

Over the course of three months, dive into rich training materials and engage in weekly sessions tailored for logically-minded men.

Discover what each phase holds for you, meticulously crafted to foster sustainable growth in both knowledge and confidence:

Let's kick off this Phases

Phase 1:

Optimize Your Mindset
(Weeks 1-2)

Phase 2:

Meet and Connect with beautiful women
(Week 3- 6)

Phase 3:

Mastering Social Dynamics
(Weeks 7-9)

Phase 4:

Mastering the Art of Connection
(Weeks 10-12)

Go beyond attraction and explore the psychology of connection. Learn how to make a lasting impression and create a genuine connection that leaves a positive and unforgettable impact.

  • Get Her Number (learn exactly what to do BEFORE you get her number and how to get it in the most natural way for each of you)
  • Have Fun Texting Her (switch from date-planning texts to fun and light texts with ease — and watch the texts and dates pour in)
  • Create a Smooth First Date Flow (take her to the perfect place for the two of you, and lead effortlessly)
Week 12 – The Real Journey Begins…

Reflect on your dating journey, acknowledging the progress made and setting the stage for continued growth. Embrace the ongoing adventure of self-improvement in the context of genuine and meaningful connections. 

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