Mr. Miyagi (AKA DJ)

Meet Your Transformational Coach

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words" - this is DJ's guiding principle

Acknowledged by local media as New Zealand’s own real-life ‘Hitch,’ Coach DJ is your beacon through life’s intricacies – from love to fitness and beyond. With his potent “Alpha Attraction Method,” he empowers you to amplify your finest attributes, exude alpha energy, and set yourself apart.

Starting from a modest job that paid $3.5/hour and grappling with limited English proficiency, DJ has flourished into a versatile entrepreneur and an accomplished public speaker.

Here’s a Personal Message from ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Himself
The path of dating is no stroll in the park. Whether you’re deciphering the nuances of online dating, navigating the whirlwind of speed dating, or mastering the art of connecting with intriguing individuals at social gatherings or within your circles – it’s a journey filled with challenges, confusion, and emotional roller coasters.

Ever felt like you’re battling an uphill climb?

I’ve been exactly where you are…

I was that guy fading into the background at nightclubs…

I was that guy who, due to a strict religious upbringing, hesitated to embrace intimacy at 21 – only for the relationship to fizzle out soon after…

I was that guy who settled for mediocrity…

I was that guy who prioritized physical appearance over intellectual growth, wrongly believing looks were everything.

I was that guy, but I broke free…

Since 2015, my team and I have empowered countless men and women in Auckland and beyond. We’ve boosted their social confidence, equipped them with modern dating insights, and guided them to become the best version of themselves. Our ultimate mission? To help you attract your ideal partner and embark on a fulfilling, enduring relationship.

Through ethical, science-based, and personalized 1-on-1 dating and relationship coaching, we leave no stone unturned. Our success stories speak volumes!

Perhaps you’ve spent months or even years without a date, crippled by anxiety when approaching women or initiating conversations in social settings. The prospect of a successful first date might seem distant…

Or maybe you’re recovering from a tumultuous breakup and yearn to reignite the spark with your ex-girlfriend. We’re here to match you with the perfect coach or course, revolutionizing your dating journey for good.

If an ordinary, reserved guy like me can revolutionize his dating life, then rest assured – so can you!

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