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Wing Women

Wing Women is a unique service designed to ​empower you with confidence in social situations. We understand that meeting new people, whether in a social or dating context, can be daunting. That’s where our professional Wing Women come in.

Think of them as your personal social guides, ​confidantes, and partners-in-crime, all rolled into one ​fabulous package. They’re the experienced, supportive ​individuals who stand by your side to enhance your ​social interactions and supercharge your confidence.
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How it works?


Before the event, we carefully match you ​with a Wing Woman who shares your ​interests and understands your goals.


Your Wing Woman discreetly observes ​and assesses your social interactions, body ​language, and conversational skills.


After the event, you’ll receive personalized ​feedback and tips for improvement from ​your Wing Woman.


Your Wing Woman can help you connect ​with potential friends, dates, or business ​contacts by breaking the ice and facilitating ​introductions.

Why Choose Wing Women?

  • Boosted Confidence: With a Wing Woman by ​your side, you’ll feel more confident and at ease in social situations.
  • Professional Insights: Our Wing Women are ​skilled at reading social cues and can provide ​valuable feedback to help you improve your social ​skills.
  • Better Connections: Forge genuine connections ​with others, whether you’re seeking friendships, ​romance, or networking opportunities.
  • Privacy and Discretion: We prioritize your privacy, ​ensuring that our services are discreet and ​respectful of your comfort zone.

Clients Testimonials

At first, I had reservations, but Alpha attr​action wing women have truly impressed me. A​fter nights out, I consistently walked away with ​a pocketful of phone numbers. It's been a game-​chan​ger for me.
On the very first night, I managed to ​secure three phone numbers. Since ​then, I've been out a couple of times with ​a few of those connections. It's been a ​great way to break out of my comfort ​zone and experience Auckland in a ​whole new light.
Hiring a wing woman was a bold step for ​me, but it paid off beyond my ​expectations. She was not only ​supportive but also incredibly skilled at ​breaking the ice. On our first night out, I ​was amazed to leave with several new ​friends and contacts

Ready to Soar with ​Wing Women?

Would it be nice to have a female dating coach taking you through a crash course in attraction and correcting aspects of your dating game?

Introducing our new female lead Wing woman, Dani, who’s known as a #1 matchmaker and can confidently take your dating repertoire to a new level with a 3 session pack.

To learn more about our Wing Women ​service and how it can benefit you, contact ​us today for a consultation. Let’s embark ​on a journey to greater social success ​together.

In these 3 sessions, she will:

  1. Refine and optimize your social skills in a public venue while providing you with social proof ( we all know the value of turning up with a female!).
  2. Scrutinize your dating profile and reconfigure it to get you more matches.
  3. Complete body language + speech calibration

Do you think this will elevate your love life? Absolutely!

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