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Revolutionize your online dating experience on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge with our exclusive fashion and photo transformation, profile enchantment, and dynamic one-on-one texting lessons. Brace yourself for a surge in matches, unforgettable dates, and an abundance of excitement! Your dream partner is just a click away.

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The Master Online Dating Programme is a specialized course for men seeking to significantly increase their matches on dating apps. Through personalized instruction with our team of online dating experts, you will learn how to enhance your dating profile, improve your texting skills, and ultimately secure more dates.

Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive styling makeover, a professional photo shoot, and valuable insights on how to stand out on popular dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and more.

Gain the confidence to navigate the online dating world and greatly enhance your chances of achieving your dating goals.

Instructor(s): Coach Miyagi & Wing Women

Class Length: 4 weeks

In Person and ZOOM sessions: Once per week + Photography session + Custom weekly homework + Bonus Wing women role play = Kick ass results!

Embark on an Enthralling Learning Journey

Unveil Your Personal Style, Perfect Photos, & Magnetic Profile

Transform your style, enhance your grooming, and embark on a professional photoshoot. Craft an eye-catching dating profile with an irresistible bio and prompts to guarantee a flood of matches on Tinder and other dating apps.

Unlock the Essentials of Texting

Unlock the secrets to sparking magnetic conversations, leaving an unforgettable impression, and seamlessly navigating intriguing and intimate text exchanges!

Infuse Emotion and Humor

Elevate your texting game by becoming a pro at conveying emotion and humor through your messages. Tackle challenges with wit and know when to add a touch of playfulness or seriousness.

From Virtual to Reality

Learn the seamless transition from online chats to real-life dates. Effortlessly plan your first rendezvous and maintain the connection before and after that exhilarating first date.

Post-Date Texting Mastery

Become a virtuoso in the post-date texting realm. Find out how to plan subsequent dates, keep the excitement alive, and nurture your connection.

Flow of Engaging Conversations

Unlock the power of standing out and making a lasting impact. Attract an abundance of matches and dates by mastering the art of engaging and magnetic conversations. Your dating adventure is about to reach new heights!


5 stars on Google Reviews

Enhancing Fashion, Photos , and Profiles

Master the Art of Texting Communication

Expressing Emotion

From Apps to Dates


Eliminate Guesswork and Luck from Your Dating Journey with Our Proven Master Online Dating Programme


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avg. matches on Tinder

Witness Remarkable Transformations: Our Clients Exude Confidence, Charisma, and Attractiveness. hear It from them, in their own Words.
Their expertise in fashion styling, profile optimization, and texting strategies helped me stand out from the crowd. I've gained more matches, dates, and confidence in navigating the dating world
My dating profile went from ordinary to extraordinary. Their fashion and photo makeover elevated my attractiveness, and their texting lessons improved my conversation skills. I've had more meaningful connections and enjoyable dates since taking their programme
From styling tips to writing captivating descriptions, their guidance was invaluable. I'm now getting more attention on dating apps and receiving compliments on my profile. It's been a game-changer for my dating life
I highly recommend Alpha Attraction for anyone serious about online dating success. Their programme not only enhanced my fashion sense but also taught me effective texting techniques

The Master Online Dating Programme is designed as a comprehensive online and in person course that you can access at your own convenience. It consists of in person lessons,  interactive exercises, and supplementary materials to guide you through the process of improving your online dating skills and success.

The details of the fashion makeover may vary depending on the specific programme you choose. However, in general, a fashion makeover may include guidance on selecting the right clothing, accessories, and grooming tips to enhance your personal style and create a positive impression on your dates.

The specific dating apps focused on in the Master Online Dating programme vary depending on the programme content and instructor. It is best to review the programme details or reach out to the programme provider for specific information on which dating apps will be covered.

The programme is designed to provide you with insights, strategies, and techniques to optimize your online dating profile, improve your messaging skills, and increase your chances of getting matches and dates. It will guide you in creating an attractive and compelling profile, crafting engaging messages, and understanding the dynamics of online dating to enhance your success.

Yes, as part of the Master Online Dating Programme, you will typically receive access to various materials and resources such as video lessons, worksheets, guides, and additional reading materials. These resources will support your learning and implementation of the strategies taught in the programme.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach out to us on email at [email protected] or book a call here

  • Dude It breaks my heart that I need to include this question in my FAQ, but it’s something I get asked often, so I wanted to address it !!
  • I won’t lie to you, some guys have a harder time with online dating than others. For example:
  • 👉 Many women use height filters on apps, and each inch you are shorter than 5’10” can decrease your pool of potential matches…
Two thoughts here:
  1. Difficulty dead end. I’ve helped enough guys from both backgrounds (and many more that the raw data would indicate are at a disadvantage) get awesome matches that I can guarantee no one trait, in itself, will stop you from meeting an awesome girlfriend online.
  2. That’s all the more reason to improve your profiles. Particularly if you face challenges, you could use an extra engine. Why not give yourself an advantage that other guys don’t have, and perfect the aspects of your profiles that are within your control?!
This depends on how long it takes you to follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the course! You can make certain changes immediately, and see results from those changes right away. For example, you can quickly rewrite your prompts and bios based on your learnings from the course, and that should yield more and better matches fast! Others changes require more time, and results from those changes require time.. For example, getting great photos may be a timely process. Realistically, I’d expect to invest one CONCERTED weekend of effort to see a big improvement in your matches. With that in mind… What are you waiting for bro?

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