3 Main reasons why you should not use Online dating apps for dating

Are you tired of being single and ready to jump into the world of online dating? Hold your horses! Before you start swiping right and left, let’s take a look at the three main reasons why you should not use dating apps.

Reason #1: You are Outnumbered

Let’s face it, the odds are not in your favor. For every one girl on the app, there are at least 20 guys just sending random messages. You don’t want to be just another guy trying to get her attention. Have you seen the ratio on these dating apps? It’s heavily skewed towards the girl’s favor.

Reason #2: It Strips Away Your Social Skills

When you rely solely on dating apps to find love, you’re not developing your social skills as a man. You’re not living like a man and talking to people like humans. Instead, you’re living in a virtual world where swipes and likes determine your worth. Do you think you’ll get a date if you were the guy in the background swiping on an app? I don’t think so. You are far more valuable than that.

Reason #3: It’s Too Easy

It’s okay to use dating apps if you’re super busy and don’t have time to develop your social skills. But let’s be real, not everyone wants to be an alpha. Some people are okay with going with the flow and doing whatever is easiest. But, as Bruce Lee said, “Do the easy thing and live a hard life. Do the hard thing and live an easy life.” If you want to live an easy life, it’s time to put down the dating apps and start developing your social skills.

In Conclusion

While it’s true that some people have found love on dating apps, the odds are not in your favor, and it’s not the best way to develop your social skills as a man. If you’re serious about finding a meaningful relationship, it’s time to put down the phone and start interacting with people in the real world. Don’t be part of the 85% who follow what everyone else is doing. Be part of the top 5% who live an extraordinary life. Remember, it’s not about swiping left or right. It’s about living life to the fullest.

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