Approaching Girls – Remember the 3 Minute Rule and Master the Art of Conversation

Are you tired of getting blown off by girls when you try to strike up a conversation? Do you feel like you’re not making a good impression and don’t know why? It’s time to remember the 3 Minute Rule when approaching girls!

The 3 Minute Rule is simple: when you approach a girl, you take responsibility for the first three minutes of the conversation. It’s up to you to make a good impression and keep the conversation going. This means having a plan for what you’re going to say, whether it’s asking questions, telling a story, or offering some value. Don’t just go up to a random stranger and expect them to be interested in you!

In today’s world, dating apps and internet dating have made it harder to interact with people in real life. But did you know that 65% of single women actually want to be approached? They find it nostalgic and even retro that a guy can be brave enough to strike up a conversation on the street or in the supermarket. So don’t be afraid to practice your conversation skills and approach that cute girl you’ve been eyeing!

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our video on the 3 Minute Rule. We’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to make a good impression and keep the conversation flowing. With a little practice and confidence, you’ll be a pro at approaching girls in no time!

So remember, the 3 Minute Rule is all about taking charge of the conversation and making a good impression in those crucial first few minutes. Watch our video and start mastering the art of conversation today!

Watch our video here:

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