Avoid this texting mistake (screenshots!)

A heartfelt email arrived in my inbox from a guy named Ed on a Tuesday:

“Have I messed up my chances with this girl? Is there a way to win her back? Here’s the backstory: I clicked with a girl who happens to be a celebrity’s daughter. We had two incredible dates – holding hands, talking openly, and even sharing a passionate kiss as I dropped her off. But then came Friday, and I made the classic mistake of OVER TEXTING (see below). After radio silence, I reached out again this morning and she replied. Can I salvage this when she’s back?”

You don’t need to read Ed’s texts to sense that things didn’t go as planned.

But if you’re curious, here’s a glimpse of Ed’s texts from that Friday:

After being left on read, here’s what Ed sent the next morning:

And here’s how she responded:

Why is it clear Ed dropped the ball, even before analyzing his texts?

One word: imbalance.

Imagine each text conversation as a balance scale. If it tilts too much on one side, the whole exchange could crumble, along with your chances…

Ed’s conversation toppled on that fateful Friday due to his relentless texting with no response.

Although she officially friend-zoned him on Saturday, it was the ignored Friday texts that truly turned her off.

Worried about making Ed’s mistake?

Keep your conversations balanced!

Sending a longer, more personal text to a woman you’re getting to know is fine, but if she responds with less enthusiasm, it’s time to slow down.

When in doubt, review your text history.

Do her messages on the left match the “weight” of your messages on the right? If not, you might be overextending.

Remember this when you’re connecting with someone special over the weekend!

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