Do you know what a False Time Constraint is?

It’s a great technique that you can use to generate more positive responses from women when you approach them.

By adding a false time constraint to the beginning of your opening line such as:

“I’ve only got 5 minutes because I’m meeting some friends.”

You will immediately put the woman into a far more relaxed state, and as a result, she will be much more likely to engage.

Using False Time constraints also communicates that your approach is completely random! You weren’t just some guy walking around aimlessly, and you weren’t on the prowl either. She just simply caught your attention despite you having to be somewhere else.

Remember, random ‘sliding doors’ encounters are like ‘gold dust’ these days. Women literally fantasize about meeting a guy by chance rather than via a dating app.

But there’s a correct way and an incorrect way to implement a False Time Constraint, and there are also some added bonuses from using False Time Constraints that most people are not aware of.

In my brand new video, I show how to CORRECTLY implement False Time Constraints and share the added bonuses you’ll generate from using False Time constraints. Watch the video: WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

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