He became ‘The Dating Machine’

Among the numerous video testimonials we’ve received over the years, Simon recent video, at 43 years old, stands out as one of the best!

Simon faced challenges not only in talking to women but in communicating with anyone. Struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, and low self-esteem, he nearly gave up on day two of our 12 Week Alpha Attraction Coaching Programme declaring, ‘SCREW THIS! I’M GOING HOME.’

On the verge of quitting, Simon breakthrough happened on day three.

Despite initial difficulty stepping out of his comfort zone, he described the transformation in his video testimonial with passion:

‘It suddenly felt natural. I was finally enjoying the process. I really wanted to quit on Tuesday, but by Wednesday morning, everything clicked. I saw the world through a different lens.’

Simon experience is nothing short of life-changing. We’ve assisted many like him, skeptics who didn’t believe in achieving the promised results. By the end of the week, Frank had earned the title ‘The Dating Machine’ among our coaches.

His inspiring story, from almost quitting to becoming an unstoppable dating machine, will resonate with many. We’re grateful to Simon for sharing check out this video on the Female perspective

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