How Enrique Found Success in Dating at 63 (And You Can Too!)

Ready to potentially find the woman of your dreams? Well, guess what? It’s easier than you think 😉. Just ask Enrique, a 63-year-old client of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.

Enrique had tried just about every program, system, and book from every dating coach out there before stumbling upon my coaching. And within weeks of working together, his dating life took a remarkable turn! Here’s a sneak peek into one of his latest experiences.

But first, let me tell you, Enrique’s not out to be a player. He’s simply exploring his options, and boy, are they impressive. He recently shared pictures of the five women he’s dating—all in their 30s, stunning, and incredibly smart.

Now, let’s dive into his latest encounter. Enrique dropped by a local brewery to handle some business. While waiting, he struck up a conversation with two young women working there. They laughed, goofed around, and had a blast. When the director finally met Enrique, the two women wanted to follow him out to his truck—”to see his dog,” they claimed.

They asked for his number, but Enrique politely declined, mentioning that the director could reach him. As he left, the director flashed a knowing smile. “I’m 63, Marni,” Enrique exclaimed later. “And for some reason, younger women just follow me like the pied piper.”

When he asked them why they were drawn to him, their answers were consistent: he’s fun, confident, and treats them like real friends, not just objects of desire. “I don’t ‘try,'” Enrique revealed. “So, they don’t try to resist. We just have fun!”

According to Enrique, many men try too hard to impress women. But his secret? Being genuine and having a blast. And guess what? It works like a charm.

Receiving emails like Enrique’s fills me with joy. This guy had been on the quest for dating success for years, trying everything in the book. But it wasn’t until he joined my Inner Circle program that things started clicking.

Are you ready to experience a transformation like Enrique’s? Join my Inner Circle, where you’ll receive personalized coaching and support from myself and my Wing Girls. Click here to learn more and see if you meet the criteria to join our exclusive group.

Here’s to finding the best female friend you’ll ever have!

P.S. Our Inner Circle is intentionally small to ensure each member gets the attention they deserve. Will you be one of the lucky few to join us?

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