Never do THIS to please a woman

Just came across a hilarious Facebook post that got me thinking:

“I have a competition on the same day as a first date. What should I do?”
Seriously? How is this even a question?
Of course, choose your passion and go for that competition!
Reschedule the date with a
quick text—it’s not a big deal. Better yet, invite her to cheer you on!

If she gets mad about it, consider it a blessing in disguise. You saved yourself time, money, and
But let’s address why this dilemma exists in the first place. Many guys put women on a pedestal,
thinking they can’t cancel a first date no matter what. But here’s the truth: you are the most
important person in your life!
Put yourself first in dating. Your needs, desires, passion, career, family, and friends matter too.
Sure, she might be attractive, but that doesn’t mean you should cancel plans with your friends
or skip important work meetings for a first date.
Remember, it’s just a first date! When you realize this, dating becomes a breeze. You’ll feel
relaxed, be your authentic self, and connect with your date on a deeper level.
So, if this resonates with you, read it again and apply it. Trust me, it will make a difference in
your dating life!

Prioritize your passions, find the right balance, and watch your dating experience soar!

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