Show me your banana.. 

In a recent conversation with Dani, one of my wing-girl coaches, a fascinating revelation emerged, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of approaching women. Dani, who attracts about 20 suitors daily, shared her perspective on the ideal approach, and it wasn’t what I expected.

“To be honest,” she confessed, “I don’t really care about WHAT he says… It’s about HOW he says it. A guy could come up to me and say ‘banana, banana, banana’ confidently with the right energy, and I’d be all over him.”

This seemingly absurd statement holds profound implications. It suggests that while verbal content matters to some extent, it constitutes only a fraction of what truly captures a woman’s attention. The bulk of it lies in one’s presence, intention, and character.

Consider this thought experiment: imagine blindfolding a random woman and having ten men recite the same opening line. What would she gravitate towards? Not the words themselves, but rather the tone, presence, and confidence exuded by each individual.

It’s clear that mastering the art of communication involves more than crafting the perfect opener. It’s about cultivating the qualities that radiate attraction and command attention.

That’s where my team of Wing Girls comes in. With their expertise, they can help you hone your presence, refine your approach, and develop the confidence to navigate any social scenario with ease.

Ready to take control of your dating life and become the kind of guy who can say “banana, banana, banana” and win over the girl? Connect with a member of the Wing Girl team to craft a personalized strategy for success.

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